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Thread: Bowl from 350 year old Valley Oak named "Emma"

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    Bowl from 350 year old Valley Oak named "Emma"

    Sawmill creek turners, There is a good reason Valley Oaks get to be very old in California and it is not milled commercially. I rough turned 5 bowls from this tree when it fell last year and this is the only one that didn't twist and crack and I was able to finish turn it. Valley oak is in the white oak family. It is pretty awesome to hold her and think of all the history "Emma" witnessed she was an acorn when the Pilgrims settled in New England she was 100 when George Washington took control of the Continental army under the "Washington" American Elm. Here is the news story on Emma's falling I wanted to get more of her at the time but her owners were in shock, working with insurance adjusters from the damage, afraid she would fall on their house after loosing the big limbs on one side and never got back to me when she was removed a couple weeks after the news story. Leland

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    Oh man I am so turn a piece of history!!!!
    Nicely done
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