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Thread: Laguna 14BX Owners - Help Needed

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    Laguna 14BX Owners - Help Needed

    Hello Laguna 14BX owners, I have a huge favor to ask.

    Can you all please measure the real world, maximum resaw height of your 14BXs?

    I measures 3 different 14BXs yesterday at Rockler and Woodcraft. All 3 had an actual clearance of 13 1/4 - 13 3/8.

    For my particular application I need a resaw height of 13.25 inches. If the Laguna 14BX will allow for an absolute maximum of 13.25 in the real world, than it will save me from having to get a bigger/more expensive bandsaw.

    So please guys, I would be so very grateful if the Laguna 14BX owners would please put a tape measure up to her and see what the absolute real world maximum resaw height is.

    Thank you so much !!!

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    Sounds like you should spend the extra $500 and get the 18BX instead. If you are maxing out the machine before you ever get it, guaranteed you will need a bigger saw later down the road.

    I have the 18 BX and love it.

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    Chris check this out.
    My bandsaw will resaw 19 inches but I rarely try to resaw anything over 6 or 7 inches.
    Most woods will cup so badly at 10 inches that is just a waste of wood.
    So I and others will resaw shorter pieces. Leaving them long so the grain and be matched up again.
    Good Luck

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    Id say those variances are the table trunnions.
    You can probably lower the table, if its the same as my Italian Griggio/ACM Star machine.
    The table trunnion mount can be adjusted to lift up the front of the big table on one side, where the blade slot is, so can flush up the table ie. not creating a step where the slot is.
    You have to do this and then make sure its 90 degrees to the blade, so you can do accurate tennons for example.

    I'd say it was just a different person whom might have assembled them and some of the tables can be dropped down further.
    There could be, I suppose... nuts omitted from one saw inbetween the table and the trunnion, or different width nuts.
    There could be some adjustment in the upper guides too.
    Check that there is no step on the table slot, as it may restrict some maximum capacity possibility.

    Sounds like your pushing it, none the less for that saw, I wouldn't be so hopeful for accuracy TBH
    If you need to be using a maxed out bandsaw, it aint big enough.
    I'd be lookin for a used 20" machine personally that can properly handle a 1" thin blade, or a 3/4" decent blade, not a thin one!,
    that no doubt, is what machine specified details are based on.

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    Mine says 13-3/8" max. The BX is a really nice saw for a 14, but having had a larger saw in the past, I'd agree with getting a bigger saw for a 14" cut.

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    Thank you guys, I really appreciate the feedback. I understand the comments, however, I am just looking for feedback on the maximum cutting height on your 14BXs and/or how to increase it to 13.25

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    Why are you so set on a saw that's too small for the job?
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    Why are you so set on getting a saw that's too small for the job?

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    I have not posted for a longtime but have been a lurking regular. Moved to a new location, and now have a garage shop set up and started woodworking again. I hope to be posting some from time to time. Anyway, I just measured my 14 BX it's 13 5/16 from the bottom of guide to the insert plate in the table.

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