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Thread: Built In Bookcase Design

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    Built In Bookcase Design

    I am in the throws of designing a built-in bookcase for our family room. It will replace a dry bar that was done when the house was built 20 yrs ago.

    Given things for I have to deal with:

    The area is between to walls.
    There is a soffit over the area which is 22 inches deep (from back wall to front edge) it has two can (pot) lights. The soffit and can lights must stay as I do not want deal with the removal.
    There is an electrical outlet in one sidewall which also must remain, do not want to deal with tracing circuit. I am guessing it is part of a daisy chain.

    Plan is to have base cabinet 36" high with a wood top and doors on the front. Book shelves above from counter top to soffit.


    Put a wood back on the bookcase? Bookcase will match house trim - stained red oak. Plan to have a face frame on the bookcase.

    Thanks for your input.

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    If it were me, I would put a wooden back on it and stain it to match. You don't have to, but it will make the bookcase look more "finished" - like a piece of funiture and less like a nice set of shelves. You will also not see the white wall behind any gaps in the books or nic-nacs.
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    I like bright fabric for the backs. You see it used like that in fine private libraries. Silk moire is great as it reflects light
    and shimmers.

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    I would put a back on it just to avoid having to paint the wall behind should you ever change room paint colors. And I agree it would look nicer. Also, the wall behind is likely not perfectly square and plumb, so you are likely to see uneven gaps between the shelves and the wall behind....

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    We used plywood beadboard as the back. PB010001.jpg

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