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Thread: How to replace bandsaw tires

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    How to replace bandsaw tires

    I recently ruined a set of bandsaw tires on my Laguna BX18. Don't ask how.

    What is the process to replacing them? It seems that they will be a tight fit. Is there a trick for putting them on?

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    Are you talking urethane ones or rubber? I've only done the urethane ones and found that brute force worked just fine. The directions said to heat them up and it included a tool but I found the easiest way was to just put the tire on the bottom and sides of the wheel. With one had on each side of the part that wasn't on the wheel I just pushed it on. It really wasn't too hard. I put Blue Max urethane wheels on my Grizzly.

    One thing I did do after getting it on was to push a small screwdriver between the wheel and tire. While holding the wheel with one hand I forced the screwdriver around the wheel a couple of times in each direction. I don't know if it was needed but my thought was that the tire may be stretched more where I had to force it onto the wheel. By doing the screwdriver thing I could spread out how much the tire had to stretch.

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    There are some good videos on YouTube. Google it.

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    I heat with a heat gun until it's almost too warm to hold by hand, and then they will go right on. They hold heat more than you might think, and it makes them both expand, and softer. I keep the heat gun moving with one hand, and jump it along with the other. When the whole thing is warm, it's ready to go on, with no tools needed. I've done this on my 14" Delta, and 24" Centauro.

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    Soapy water about 140 degrees, let soak for about 3 minutes. Gets plenty soft to put on by hand without tools. Just did mine on a 14” saw.

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    Thanks for the reply guys. I will try and replace them today.

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    I remove the wheels to make installation easier. That way I don't have to use heat.


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    Done. That was eiser than I thought after heating them up some. I just placed them in the dehumidifier set at 160 for a bit. It made the tires more playable and easier to stretch. I did the top wheel off the machine as it was easy to remove. The bottom wheel was a bit more difficult as I left it in place.

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    Changing bandsaw tires is very similar to changing a bicycle tire if you can remember doing that. I was sent a little tool, about 8 penny nail stuck in dowel section, with instructions to insert and run around rim after installation to equal stretch. The earlier comment about using small screwdriver would do the same. I found that using a clamp at top and working tire around both sides downward was the easiest process and only needed to use some pry tool at bottom. Soaking in hot water prior does make tire easier to stretch.

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