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    Dust Collector

    Having a small shop, dust collection is my main concern in staying healthy especially with COPD. I do wear a mask but dust collection for my power tools like my tablesaw, planer, jointer and my router and sanders was being handle by my rigid wet dry vac HD1200T. It does a good job but found the filters are a bit expensive. So I did a little research and got me a a dustopper that fits a 5 gal. bucket from home depot. Well instead of mounting side by side on my wet dry vac I kinda went vertical to have a smaller foot print. So here in the next few days I will be giving the dustopper a workout and see how it holds up. I mounted coasters to move it around easily.


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    Hi Marlin,
    I like your vertical mounting setup. I have an Oneida Dust Deputy that I was going to use along with a Craftsman shop vac for my table saw (occasional use). So far I have just been using the shop vac alone.
    I like your arrangement because it looks like it would be easy to remove the shop vac from the stand for other applications that may not require the dustopper.

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    Yea the Rigid is not mounted down but I did take the casters off to keep it from rolling around.

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    I have an Oneida Dust Deputy which I have used with a DeWalt 735 planer abd Delta table saw and still use with the planer, a router table, portable tools and sweeping the shop. Keeps the vacuum's filters clean.

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    If you Want to save money on your filters, by a clean stream. I’m running the same clean stream filter in my Ridgid I bought in 2003. I have a couple of them. When one gets dirty you hit it with the hose and leave it outside to dry and pop in the other one.
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    I have a very similar setup with my older Craftsman vacuum and an Oneida Dust Deputy. The vacuum receptacle remains nearly empty after two years of duty on a contractor saw, DeWalt planer, floor cleanup and miter saw. Love the ability to move it as one unit to wherever itís needed.

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    Hi Marlin, The Ridgid filters are a bit expensive, BUT - you can just hose them off and re-use them. I have two filters that are approaching 8 years old, still working great. I also use a bag inside the tub, found that increases the time between cleanings significantly. For the first several years I used an air hose until they were junk until I read the box and realized they could be washed.

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    Here's what I made, a plywood piece with hardwood fingers to lock into the Festool Vacuum latchesVacuum.jpg

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    I like the cyclone separator on my vac (I use the oneida ultimate dust deputy), but wish the system was better integrated. (the hose still has that awkward tug from the cyclone top to the vacuum input; the fittings feel like a mish-mash)

    I'd also mention that the handle shown on Rod's festool shop vac is one of the oddest things -- seems like such an unnecessary extravagance, but it is something I appreciate every time I wheel mine around the shop -- and saves on the tugging that the cyclone attachment would otherwise get.
    If you make a rolling stand like Marlin's, might be interesting to experiment with handles (towel bars?) to afford that little extra luxury :-)


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