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Thread: Table or Chest of Drawers Top attachment

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    Table or Chest of Drawers Top attachment

    I'm new to Sawmill Creek and a novice at best woodworker. I'm in the process of building a chest of drawers for my soon to be grandson and while considering how to attach the top I have a question. I'm using 3/4" plywood with a 1 1/2" or 2" edge banding mitered at the corners and hence the question. Should the top be fastened with the screws into the plywood or the edge banding? I'm planning a 1" overhang at the front and sides with the back being flush and my concern is someone will try to pick the chest up by the exposed edge and possible cause the edge banding to pull loose if the screws are not into the edge banding. Is this a real concern or is my approach to this design flawed?

    Thanks for your responses!

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    If it is plywood construction, and you do not need to account for movement to the panels with changes of moisture in the air, you could glue it as well as screw it.

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    This is always a concern, but I've never had edging break off if glued well to the panel. I would make the design that looks best to you and let the screws fall wherever the end up, plywood or edging.

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    Thanks for the reply! This is my first large furniture project and I didn't know if I was over thinking everything. I really didn't have a plan to go by, just a picture of what I decided I wanted the chest to look like.

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    For a plywood cabinet or chest of drawers I would recommend using a Kreg jig and pocket hole screws from the inside to attach the top. This will hide the fasteners.

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