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Thread: 130watt Cermark Stainless Steel

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    130watt Cermark Stainless Steel

    Hi guys,

    This is my first post on the forum, I'm been reading up on everything I can. Reading posts dating back almost 10 years ago.

    I have just recently bought a 1390 130 watt laser.

    Been having a blast trying to figure out what makes this machine tick and how to make it do some of the materials that I'm testing on.

    Although I haven't done much with the cermark, I'm trying to understand what I'm doing wrong with this.

    In the posted picture, the picture on the right was with a 2:1 DNA/cermak mix. on the left, is about a 6:1 mix.
    The image of the cross and heart was run at 50mm/s and 70% Power (roughly 120 watt)
    I'm running this on a 1.5" lens.

    When looking at the scales, I can make a couple of observations.

    1. The more diluted run at 50mm/s and 70% power, seem to make the darkest mark and looks almost semi gloss at close inspection. It's as though the cermark is fused with the SS and became part of it. Looking at it at certain angles, I can see the pores from the SS.
    2. with the 2:1 dilution, I seem to see a dark mark at lower power and higher speed, but the mark is a matte black. This looks as though the cermark, is only on top of the SS, but would probably rub off and wear more.

    My question on this is, how can I speed this up? It seems I'm getting the best mark at 2in/s and almost full power on the machine, where according to what I've read. You only needed 40 watt at 24in/s to get a good dark mark.
    40 watt would come out to about 25% power on this machine.

    Thank you guys in advance.
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