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Thread: Barrier free shower lip adhesive

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    Barrier free shower lip adhesive

    I have a friend who is confined to a wheelchair, but lives independently. During the renovation to make his condo appropriate for his lifestyle, they installed a barrier free shower with a collapsible lip, so his chair could roll right over it and it springs back to height.
    The original adhesive between tile and the dam failed, and I used aquarium sealant to keep in on, for about 2 years - but it's gone again.
    I've inquired from my epoxy dealer and he suggested West G/Flex, although not knowing the material makeup of the lip, he wasn't sure of the adhesive bond-ability.
    Anyone faced this issue, and how did you make a "permanent" repair?
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    If you truly want it permanent-- 3M 5200 marine adhesive.
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    And if you want a "little less permanent," 3M 4200 marine adhesive. 5200 is very permanent indeed! If the house if ever sold, or such, it may be important to reword the shower to have a more substantial threshold structure, and removal of the adhesive may be important for that.

    Either is a good choice and will do the job.
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