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Thread: Festool RAS 115 Rotary Sander on Sale

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    Festool RAS 115 Rotary Sander on Sale

    For any of you planning to sculpt a rocker and wish to own the Festool RAS 115 sander, try Highlandwoodworking. The usual price for these is $360. They have been discontinued by Festool.

    Highland has received 20 which they are selling for $250 each, shipped free. If you do not see them on the website, call up and ask. I have been assured that they have them in stock.

    No relationship, just a satisfied customer.

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    They already tried to get discontinue it once before but Steve Base at the Festool training school convinced them that a lot of trim carpenters use them when scribing moldings and cabinets. It really hogs off a lot of material quickly.

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