I have the big triton router. The plunge action was getting a little sticky so I decided to disassemble so I could clean and wax the posts. Removed the spring and then the retaining ring that prevents the body from sliding off the posts. Slid the body off, cleaned the posts and applied a little wax, buffed it out and reassembled. Plunge action was nice. Sweet. Went to lock the plunge and....nothing. No lock action.

Took it back apart. Removed the lock lever and scratched my head a bit before realizing there must have been a little spacer piece that fit between the lock lever bolt and the post, a little piece that was now nowhere to be seen. It obviously fell out when I pulled the body off the first time. With visions of a long delay to order a replacement I started searching for the piece. I looked everywhere, swept the floor, twice, moved all the nearby shelving units, got a long piece of scrap to go fishing under the bottom shelf of the assembly table where I was working. Found all kinds of "stuff" but nothing that looked like the piece I needed. #$%@$

I'm standing there looking at the disassembled router, with the hollow posts, when it dawned on me. Turned the base upside down and a little bronze disk fell out of the post.

At least the floor in the area is a lot cleaner than it has been in a long time.....