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Thread: bodor laser x1006 24x39 inch bed 150 wat 5200 cooler

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    bodor laser x1006 24x39 inch bed 150 wat 5200 cooler

    looking for ideas of what could be wrong , as the laser tube is not firing:

    --all power supplies are running , green led's showing green, laser tube
    power supply fan is running looks ok
    --checked the lid switch which has an led
    --I bypassed the cooler cw 5200 outlet filter thinking it was restricting the flow
    it did not make any difference
    --I cleaned the cooler filters which were clean
    --i changed the usb cable to the computer made no difference
    -- When the usb is connected to the computer the laser moves very slowly and noisy like its in low gear
    --pushed the system reset front power voltage 1 reads 4.89volts
    --laser runs smooth with no computer hooked up via usb
    --computer will not communicate with the laser says it fails, when i try to download or read settings from the laser
    --my controller is RDC6442S-B (EC)
    --diagnostics off the small screen does nothing
    -everything was running fine until the 48v ower supply failed
    machine alarm says machine protected
    I cannot seem to think of any other permissive to stop the tube firing
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    Unplug the cooler alarm connection, could be the cooler's flow control isn't working properly making the laser think there's no water flow. Unplugging the connection will bypass the flow control alarm-

    If it still doesn't fire, plug it back in, something else is the cause...

    Make sure all wires to the mV meter and the laser proper are connected properly--
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    it was a bad relay , that was causing the alarm and the controller has an error as it will not allow a computer connected via USB
    no communication laser will ,not run

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    I spent 2 skpe calls with bodor trying to prove what was wrong, last one was
    2.5 hrs and the engineer finally admitted it was a controller and relay
    Then he advised me I had no warranty left they would not replace anything
    A week prior i sent in the machine label and nothing was said about no warranty
    this company has a bad realtionship with customers they feel its all your fault
    when the machine is not working well , since i bought this its been in and out of working
    as i had a lot of small problems--drives--power supply etc
    I did not purchase this direct from china but through a canadain dealership, a big lesson
    for me

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    got an email from the dealer and Bodor is considering replacing the controller, so we'll see how that goes, the last time they helped with a power supply it took months
    but its positive direction again
    maybe this is going to run

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    I got the new controller form Bodor in china , it was shipped quick , took a very short time, I have it installed and its working good
    so far .Its a 2020 vintage so I really got a new one.
    I appreciate there prompt help

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