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Thread: dual/tandem tablesaw setup ?s

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    dual/tandem tablesaw setup ?s

    Having a second TS setup for dedicated dadoes, with a built-in router table as well in the outfeed. I saw it somewhere once, and I can't find it now of course. But setting the new shop up with plenty of room to have a dual either side/side, or back/back table saw. My primary is PM 66, and don't have the second TS yet, but trying to get some pictures of a setup so I can plan for space better. Does anyone have use or know of this? Love hearing input and thoughts...
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    Frank Howarth of Frank Makes has a dual setup, pretty much what you're talking about, one with a blade, one with dado stack.

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    Dave at one point I had two Unisaws set-up back to back with a 4' wide extension table in between them. I had a Excalibur sliding table on one of the saws. The saws need to be offset sideways enough to allow material to pass through. Interesting that my Felder slider is now in that space and takes up no more real estate (on floor). The shared infeed table worked pretty well.

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    I used to have two side by side sharing a fence rail. No pics though, sorry.

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    Last year at a garage sale I ran across a Right & Left tilt uni-saws in side by side configuration, with table extensions between them, & on the outboard sides. Their uni-fences were set for the width of the saw. ON the outfeed side was a nice long table extension with storage underneath. It was a nice set up & very hard to pass up. Sadly, it would have taken over my shop. Someone got a good deal on it.

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    In high school we had a monster table saw that had two direct drive motors. the teacher keep a rip blade on one and a dado? or crosscut blade on the other. He would have a freshman crank them around when needed. It might have been a Tannewitz. I know we had at least one Tanewitz tool in that shop since I remember that name. There was also something made by Crescent.
    I think it was at least 14" blades.
    Bill D

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