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Thread: cyclone vs. Jet vortex vs. Grizzly cyclone

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    I have now decided not to go with the Grizzly G0458 because I saw a YT video where the machine was emitting 93 db at the source and 86db just a few feet away. I rather pay more for something that does not scream. I need to look at the db ratings for the 861 and for the vortex. I wish I could get a 1.5hp unit like the baileigh cyclone but that is probably 1500 dollars and I need a 2HP model that is wired for 220v.
    You should be wearing Ear and Eye protection in your shop anyway so I don't see where the db level should be a problem. For $22 a decent pair of ear muffs is way cheaper than the the difference in price between the G0458 and the G0861 for little difference in performance of machine to machine dust dust collection.

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    My cyclone is in a storage room along with air compressor, and it really cuts down on the noise. But it is all plumbed in with spiral pipe.

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    I totally forgot about the fact I would be running another power tool and just thinking about the tool in isolation - that 85 or 76 db may be eclipsed by whatever machine is actually creating the dust - thanks for pointing that out.

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    Hey Tom, did you go with the 861? If so, what’s it like?

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