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Thread: A proud Grandpa!

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    A proud Grandpa!

    Our oldest grandson enlisted in the US Navy 13 years ago. 3 years ago he made CPO. He's a aviation mechanic. This past Tuesday evening I flew out of Spokane and overnight arriving in Norfolk mid-morning Wednesday. I checked into the Hampton Inn, Naval Base. After a couple hours of sleep, our daughter and her husband picked me up and we drove to Virginia Beach where we met up with our grandson and family where they were staying for the week with some Navy friends. We had dinner and a few drinks. We returned to our motel that evening
    Thursday morning we drove on base and went to the focsle of the USS John C. Stennis where he was currently a crew member. There we witnessed the ceremony where several speakers spoke in his behalf and he received the Navy Commendation medal. Then I watched as two CPOs formally removed the chiefs anchors from his collar, removed his hat. Then his wife pinned one corner of his collar and his 9 year old son pinned the officer bars to the other corner of his collar as he was commissioned as a LDO, limited duty officer. We now have a Mustanger in our family. The motto of the Mustang Association, "Up from the ranks".

    A few weeks ago, he sold his home in Port Orchard, WA and rented a home in Oak Harbor,WA. His new duty station will be as the aviation parts control officer for a new squadron forming up in Whidbey Island.

    Jason is the 4th consecutive generation of our family to serve in the US Navy and this grandpa couldn't be prouder of his accomplishments!

    I flew out early Friday morning, arriving home that evening, exhausted!
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    Congratulations to your grandson, and congrats to you too, gramps! That is way cool!
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    Congratulations !!
    I have three brothers , we all served, between us a total of 49 years. It's quite an achivement to make an officer rate from the enlisted ranks , and he's closer now for you to visit.


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    I'm sure it made him proud and happy to have you fly "beach to beach" ...twice , to see him rewarded for his efforts.
    We wish him success and safety.

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    Wow Ken - that is some great news!! Congrats to Jason! I am happy for you!

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    Congratulations to you and your grandson!
    And thanks to all four generations of your family for their service to the Nation.
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    That's super. Congratulations to you both for a major accomplishment.
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    You should indeed be proud Ken. Congratulations to your Grandson.
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    Congrats to your grandson and you. Thanks or all your family's service to our country.

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    Congratulations to you and your Mustang!

    Please convey my gratitude for his service.
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    Congratulations to all! It's really great that they have promotional opportunities like that for worthy folks! They are often the "true leaders".

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    "Fair Winds and Following Seas" to Jason and all Sailors everywhere.

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    Congrats Ken. Your family has a proud tradition. Thank you and your family for your service.
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    Congratulations Ken for your whole family tree.

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    Both of our sons served with the younger one in the US Navy and our oldest son doing 9 years in the US Army including duty in Desert Shield, and Desert Storm during which he ended up in Iraq with the 1st Infantry. At the time our oldest son was serving my wife and I, due to professional obligations in our careers, weren't able to travel as often or as easily as we can now that we are retired.

    Immediately following the Thursday's ceremony, I watched as 40-60 aircraft carrier shipmates of all ranks, seamen through Captain, came forward to congratulate our grandson. I observed a female sailor in uniform wearing her hijab, stand in line and then congratulate our grandson. At the reception on base about 1/4 mile away, I sat and talked with a US Navy commissioned officer with the rank of Commander, a former Department head of our grandson's, who drove from his current duty station in Washington DC to Norfolk to attend both the ceremony and the reception before driving back to his family home in DC. He told how our grandson had influenced him, his leadership style and improved him personally. My daughter and I had a CPO walk over to our table and spend 5 minutes thanking us for the manner in which we had raised Jason. I wish I could take some credit for raising him but instead I'll give the due credit to his Mom and her ex-husband.

    In 3 weeks I'll celebrate my 70th birthday. As I've gotten older it has been easy to be pessimistic about the future but periodically being around these young service members always renews my confidence and faith in the future.

    It was an emotional trip for me. I feel blessed!

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