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Thread: Neander Tackle Box

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    Neander Tackle Box

    Our oldest son is an avid fly fisherman and I built this small box to hold his flies/lures. Good project for using some scrapes of "Leopard" wood I had left over in the shop. It's strong , tropical wood with nice figure that finishes well and I hope should be durable. Sorry I didn't think to take build pics as was pretty simple project.

    I wanted to post as potential encouragement for my fellow neanders to try some marquetry or carving you may have been considering. For me these decorative techniques are nice way to add some personalizing details to other wise simple designs. Both skills are much easier than you might think - like anything a little practise is super helpful. I would encourage folks to start carving with traditional carving woods - tight grained, relatively soft like Mahogany, clear walnut and even cherry.

    Bass wood is really ideal for carving- very soft and holds details nicely. I'm think about using some to carve a mantel/ fireplace surround with some Corinthian capitals/columns and a floral field across the top for the family name. Let me know if any interest in seeing pics.

    Best, Mike

    Sorry pics are so big- I such with technology!

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    I like it alot Mike! How did you finish it to make it water resistant - marine varnish?
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    Nice, he is likely to get many comments on it.

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  4. Looks great! Love the marquetry and the hardware. One question if you don't mind; how did you attach the top and bottom?

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    As always, such beautiful work. I look at mine and think when I grow up I want to be just like Mike.


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    Did you carve your name and date? If so how did you do it. Liking what I see.
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    Nicely done Mike, as usual. I’m sure your son will greatly appreciate it. As a fly fisherman myself, one suggestion; although you would cover the interior wood, you or your son, may want to consider lining the inside slots with fly foam - at least the top. Something that the flies can hook into to keep them in place. If you’re not familiar, it’s something like this made by Millstream:

    And think how MUCH NICER it will be when you are able to use those new push chisels on projects like this!

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    Thanks all for your feedback – much appreciated!

    Fred, when it comes to finishes I don't have many arrows in my quiver – I stick with what I know; oil/varnish (Watco), amber shellac, and in this case marine spar varnish.

    Andrew, top and hottom are hinged and I added 1/8" indexing tabs to lock to sides together once they're closed.

    Oh, I carve my sons name "Taylor" and the date under the front of the box using carving gouges - tedious with your bowl. I filled in the letters with black ink for contrast.

    Phil, thanks for your tip- Great idea – I'm going to order soon.

    All the best, Mike

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