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Thread: Wood looking Sign for Lake House Extira?

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    Scott,you are clearly a bright bulb and a great help here. None of my theories on the product discount your knowledge.
    But I don't discount mine either. "Bad batch" is always a possibility ,too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel Fulks View Post
    "Bad batch" is always a possibility ,too.
    Never said the material was defective. Said it wasn't a practical sign making material for the majority of things in the sign mainstream. It's very heavy, a quality not liked when having hang signs.

    Go hang a 4' x 8' with sun exposure on it and report back on how it acts. Let one get hit by property sprinkler systems and then baked by the sun. It'll bow so bad it'll just about pull the screws out of itself.
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    Jim ,I don't think the sealing has to be extreme. And only extreme treatment I've seen In this thread is in Alaska. That's where
    they use dogs with extreme fir.
    MDO mfgs say edges need to be treated. But I've seen plenty that are not treated. Mfgs want it ALL treated. I see
    no reason to think EXTERA needs more treatment than MDO. An easy extreme treatment would be Titebond 2 brushed
    on edges ,press down strip of canvas , let dry ,trim with utility knife. It will make ordinary ply wood as weatherproof as

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