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Thread: iPad App for drawing

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    iPad App for drawing

    I am looking for an APP for iPad that I can draw. One that can provide dimensions. I have always wanted to use sketchup on my computer but just don't have the time to learn how to use the software. I always end up with graph paper and pencil.

    Really, if there was just an App that had graph paper and could automatically add dimensions , that would helpful. Just something fairly simple. Even a more advanced program would work if it was intuitive and you could do basic stuff easily and just kind of learn more about it as you go along, and not have to take a 40 hour (figurative) class before you use it.

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    I’ve been looking at Shaper3D for iPads. Lots of How-to-Use videos in the “Learn” section.

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    I was very much in the same position as the OP — wanted something to do drawings for clients and help myself with design concepts. First looked at sketchup and although I didn’t care one way or another about learning curve, I did want to be able to use my iPad and sketchup doesn’t exist for iPad. I looked at Shaper 3D, bought a yearlong subscription, watched videos, did tutorials, and even did some designing on it — but really in the end it was a lot more work and took much longer for a lot of the basic drawings I just wanted to get done. So after a lot research and talking to many artist/designer friends, I ended up with Procreate and I love it. It is fantastic. Very easy to use. You can immediately start drawing, you can add also sorts of graphs in background, fill in colors, and with the layers, you can see how a project will look with different elements. And there are more videos on YouTube for this than cats freaking out about cucumbers — ok well maybe not that many, but seriously, there’s a lot. Obviously you can’t do the 3D modeling you could with a CAD program, e.g. sketchup/Shaper 3D/etc. But if all you want is drawing, graph paper, and simplicity but loads of potential, I really don’t think procreate can be beat.

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    Procreate is amazing. It's almost the only reason I even have an iPad. If you haven't yet, you might wanna give Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer a look too. Affinity Photo is a raster program that has some vector tools and Affinity Designer is a vector program that has some raster tools. They aren't as fancy as Photoshop and Illustrator but way cheaper. They sell for $50 each, no subscription and sometimes go on sale for half off. Neither of them do 3D but they do offer some features that Procreate doesn't. On the iPad I mostly use Procreate but also bounce around to Affinity and occasionally Clip Studio Paint. I'm a digital hoarder.

  5. The most popular and highly rated drawing app for iPad is Procreate. It's a professional-level illustration app that offers a robust set of features, including a powerful brush engine, layers, masks, and more. Other popular options include Adobe Illustrator Draw, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Paper by FiftyThree.

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