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Thread: Laguna Cflux2 + Dust Deputy?

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    Laguna Cflux2 + Dust Deputy?

    I have a Laguna Cflux2, 2hp DC. Suction is good, however when I plane or joint, the filter bag fills up. I'm looking for a fix. I'm wondering if those who are experiencing this issue, have tried using the Dust Deputy and whether or not it helps the filter bag problem?

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    It is unfortunate when folks are driven to the short-cone due to height restrictions but, we gotta do what we can given our situation. The poor separation topic comes up almost immediately on these, the JDS, the Jets, Baileys, etc. Putting a cyclone ahead of a cyclone seems a bit odd but, if it will get you better separation and a standard length cone won't fit in your vertical space, it may be your best bet. We have some awfully creative folks on here. I look forward to other suggestions.
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    Glenn, there's no doubt that a standard long cone collector would have been optimal, however I got this DC for just a few hundred dollars. Also, I needed it to be mobile, so this one really fit the bill. I know Oneida has some nice mobile DCs, however those would have cost me much more $, which I don't have and will likely not have in the future. If I hit the lotto or some other windfall, believe me, I'll sell the Laguna and buy a good Oneida. I had one in my old shop, however when I retired and downsized, that big Gorilla had to go. Actually now, I wished I'd kept it.
    All that said, the suction is very good on this DC, so at the very least, I'll just have to empty bags, rather than one. I have spoken to Laguna and they recommend experimenting with a 5', 6" pipe, straight into the inlet. They said, take the contents of my filter bag and feed it into the end of the straight pipe to see if the DC will separate it properly. If it does, then there's the fix. They told me that this collector needs that straight shot in order for the dust to build up enough speed to enter the cyclone with enough velocity to begin to spin in the cyclone. Without that speed, the dust tends to fall and get sucked into the shoot and up into the filter and bag.
    I'm surprised that no one has come up with a fix for this, as most times, these types of cyclones are used in applications where space is an issue and a 5' straight pipe is 5' less wall space. If an effective fix could me offered, I know I'd pay for it, within reason. Hope that all makes sense.

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