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Thread: Grizzly G0586 Jointer

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    Question Grizzly G0586 Jointer

    Hi! I'm new to the forums. I have a question. I just purchased the Grizzly G0586 Jointer and it is on backorder for a few months. So I have some time to think about the purchase. Fine Woodworking Magazine is pretty high in this jointer and I am wondering if anyone else is too.

    Price is important but I want to get the most bang for my buck. I really can't afford anything over $800...well, actually I can but the wife won't go for it. Anyway, any input on this particular model would be very much appreciated.

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    Follow up

    Hey Chris,

    Sorry to hear that you have to wait for your new G0586. I actually ordered one last Tues. evening and it arrived Fri. While I have not finished setting it up yet due to pending projects for clients I intend to work on it this afternoon. This being my first machine from Grizzly (I've purchased other items from them) I must say that it is impressively made and attention is paid to every detail (certainly as good or better than my Jet jointer). Having looked at other models including Delta, Powematic, Jet I see the Grizzly as a fine machine for a fantastic value in comparison to others. Besides the the price the selling points for me were 4 knife head vs. 3, 2 HP motor wired for 220, upper mounted power controls and magnetic switch, the rack an pinion fence is nice too. From the reviews I've read and all of the boasting about the machine over on Woodnet forums the decision was simple for me when I was in the market to upgrade.
    Matt Tawes
    Chesapeake Woodcraft

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    You ordered it last Tuesday? Ouch! I was going to order it last week but had not quite convinced my wife of the need. Let me know how it performs as soon as you have it set up. Thanks for the reply!

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    Yeah, I was impressed with the speed of shipping too but then it arived from the Muncy store store in PA and I'm only in MD. I'll be sure to post about the performance. The base did get a dent on the top corner and some paint flaking off (these mfrs. are forever shipping stuff like that in cardboard only) but the bed was in a crate and suffered not a scratch or anything lose.
    Matt Tawes
    Chesapeake Woodcraft

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    I have several Grizzly tools in the garage and the G0586 is one of them - it's also my favorite. Setup was a breeze and the performance was right on directly out of the box (well, crate and box). There are quite a few folks out there with this unit and I have yet to hear anyone complain about it (monitoring this and another wood working web site). My take is that it's worth the wait.
    Keith Foster Carrera Farms

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    A quick search for "GO586" will yield a lot of useful information for you if you haven't already done that.

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    Wait a minute!!!!! Yu own a WW shop and had to convince your significant other that you needed a new jointer???? What about the tax write off? What about that customer that demands full size boards on the table top?? What------ Oh well, welcome to the Creek. Good to see that professionals need permission from their wives too.

    PS it's exactly the kind of jointer I want too.

  8. Chris - containers are coming in on a weekly basis and the machines will be shipped in the priority that they were ordered. The demand exceeds the supply right now and the factory is making them as fast as they possibly can. If you want me to check exact timing, PM me with your order number and I will find out when the "boat's arriving" and where you are in the line. The good thing is that you ordered one before the end of Dec. and there is a price increase taking effect on Jan 1, 2006.

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    Please edit your signature lines folks, our Terms of Service specifically prohibit the use of links in signatures.

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    Shiraz, can you elaborate of the pending price increase (particularly with respect to your new 8" jointer G0586). Thanks. Lars

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    Hi Lars,

    I'm sure Shiraz may elaborate further if I'm not correct. When I posed the question before ordering to Grizzly and on another forum I believe the reponse was that the price would only go up to something like $655 but the freight cost would go from $82.25 to $135 (in other words,total cost would be $790 vs. $707.25). Not a big deal but nonetheless If it were actually higher I felt better about ordering now. Besides with the 90 day same as cash deal and with the features this machine has its the best deal going compared to any other 8" jointer in my opinion.
    Matt Tawes
    Chesapeake Woodcraft

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    Shiraz, I PMed you with the order number. Thanks for the help!<O</O<O</O

    Keith, sorry for including the link in my signature. I guess I missed that rule. Can we at least show our site address without it auto linking? If not then I will gladly comply. I like these forums and would like to stay!

    Jim, yes I had to ask permission on this one. It keeps her from buying anything outrageous without asking me. Its an agreement we have and it works for me.

    All, Thanks for your responses. It is much appreciated!<O</O

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    Well I just got confirmation from Grizzly that my order shipped! I was originally told I wouldn't get it until March, then was told the beginning of February and now it has already shipped. Way to go Grizzly! and way to go Shiraz!! Thanks a lot!

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    Glad its on the way....

    Hey Chris,

    Great news, looks like you'll have one big gift under the tree to open afterall. I've still yet to fine tune mine. Actually just got mine on the base, switch and other stuff mounted the other night. Great to see Papa G. possibly pulled some strings to get it on the way.
    Matt Tawes
    Chesapeake Woodcraft

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    My jointer comes tomorrow and I need to know from anyone who has the G0586 jointer what the dimensions of the base are. I need a mobile base for it and want to buy the correct size. I checked the Grizzly site but did not see that info listed. Thanks for the info!

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