22 Jul 2019

Getting an earlier than normal start as I have a very busy week starting tomorrow morning. The LOML started out as wanting to repaint the hall bathroom, then that morphed into redoing the vanity. That then morphed into a new vanity top that is granite. That is morphing into a new faucet, tub / shower plumbing, new toilet, new base trim, new wall paint, tile over the top of the tub/shower, and finally crown molding. Nothing like a small update with paint turning into a whole new bathroom. OH....I failed to mention all new floor covering for the bathroom as well. <sigh> Yes, SHE started it, now I have to do most all of it as she "doesn't know how" and we have to do this on a budget because we have money for all the stuff.....just not the labor part.
Oh, and did I also mention that I'm learning how to repair drywall in the middle of all this? Oh....and one more thing, new bath exhaust fan, new light over the tub/shower, and bath vanity light. Last but not least, a much smaller mirror for the bath vanity. Whew!!!! I'm tired just thinking about all this. After this coming week....we should be in the home stretch...........I Hope!

That's it for me....as if that wasn't enough already.......so what did YOU do this past week?

Best of weeks to you all!