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Thread: How to fix?

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    How to fix?

    I just noticed this “damage” on our dining table, apparently caused by a damp towel left on the table.
    Its a mass-produced, store bought table so I don’t know what it’s finished with but I would guess lacquer.

    I think initially I will try some paste wax to see what happens. If that doesn’t work, maybe fine polishing compound to “rub it out”.

    I don’t have any experience repairing finishes so any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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    I've had success rubbing Rottenstone Powder with a damp rag on those kind of stains. Just a simple back and forth motion a few times should get rid of it.,190,43040 (you could try pumice powder first but it's more abrasive)

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    Generally no need for abrasives or waxes. Take a cotton towel and fold it double. Place it on the white area. Set your iron to the cotton setting and iron the towel while it is over the white spot. Check periodically and when the white has disappeared, stop heating that area. If a bit remains here and there when you are done repeat as above. I've done this dozens of times over the years with no harm to the finish or wood. It has always worked.
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    Thanks Lee- I’ll try that first!

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    Barry, if the iron doesn’t work I’ll try the abrasives. Thanks for the info!

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    Success! And Surprise!

    I decided to clean the table with Murphy’s oil soap and that was all it took to remove the offending spot.
    Apparently whatever the cleaning crew has been using to dust/clean had built up and “reacted” with the damp towel.

    So the moral of the story: clean it well first. Then head towards the nuclear option, lol.

    Thanks again Lee and Barry.

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    Glad it was an easy fix......

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