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    Have some very interesting small tools to sell (from my brothers estate)_...

    Do not like listing them on forums, etc to sell..

    Is there a person/ company that will take them to sell ??

    Any help appreciated..

    Ed A.

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    There are people who will list the items on eBay and handle the sale of each one. They take a fair percentage of the sale price, however. If you think of the work that goes into selling a batch of things on eBay, you can understand why.

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    There are companies that will take "stuff" (anything, really) and sell it at auction, usually grouped in with other people's "stuff". Around here they get 30% of sales off the top, the rest you get. But you typically can't set prices or minimums or anything like that. They handle a lot of estate clean-outs and also downsizing moves.

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    You can also find a local woodworking group to see if they can help out. Sometimes they’ll offer it to members or something.

    Jeff Bartley might be Local to you. He’s a stand up guy and knows his tools. Might want to look him up.

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    Hm, if you value your money, I recommend you sell it yourself.

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    Send me a list of what you have, I'm happy to help if I can.
    Where are you in ShenCo?
    Jeff (in Woodstock)

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    Run of the mill stuff you probably are best donating to a charity like the Habitat ReStore for the tax advantage...and it's really easy. Unique things are probably best advertised and sold on a site or sites that cater to thinks like that. Getting someone else to do it may be the equivalent of "giving it away" once their cut comes out of what little they might agree to sell something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Milligan View Post
    Hm, if you value your money, I recommend you sell it yourself.
    And if you value your time, let someone else handle it. It all depends on what is more important to you

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