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Thread: Bigger than a dresser – teardrop trailer

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    Thumbs up Bigger than a dresser – teardrop trailer

    I've been working on this since the firs of April.


    It's been a fun ride.



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    Those trailer are really neat. I've seen some in person. They're basic but better than sleeping in the open in a sleeping bag. The cooking area in the back is really well set up.

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    It is coming along nicely. I wanted to build one . My wife said”I want a bathroom “ and “ If you build it you may not finish it before we are to old to go camping”. I look forward to seeing yours finished.
    Charlie Jones

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    Excellent project, Tony !!
    that is on my bucket list of projects.
    I have the videos associated with building and using the Teardrop
    and have made several plans . . . . .
    but as life would have it, it may never happen.
    keep at it !! and wishing you many happy and safe outings with it.
    please come back with some photos of the finished project
    as well as some of your camping trips.
    (looking forward to seeing how you will do the kitchen).


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    Dry fitting the hatch.

    Makes me want to install the stove slider and cook up a pot of coffee.


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    How will you seal the hatch?
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    Tony, what version of Rising Sun is that?
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