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Thread: Track Saw Accessories and Jigs

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    Track Saw Accessories and Jigs

    Like many Creekers, I use my track saw to break down sheet goods, and I also tend to use for final sizing unless the pieces are very small. I don't do enough of it to justify one of the table systems with hinged tracks, but I have made a few simple jigs to make working the track saw faster and more precise.

    When I have multiple pieces of the same dimensions to cut, like cabinet sides, for example, I take a few minutes and make two track spacers like these:


    The Rockler Bandy Clamps are the ideal clamp to hold the spacers to the sheet goods:


    I register them against the metal part of the track not the anti-splitter strip, for more consistency. The two spacers in use on a long cut:


    With the spacers and bandy clamps, I get spot-on dimensions in less time than it takes to make two marks on the sheet and line up the track. For common cabinet dimensions, I already have the spacers made, so it's even faster.

    As you could probably see, I have a 4x8 assembly table where I work with sheet goods. I raise them up on strips of 2" thick foam so I don't cut into the table. When just breaking sheets into rough sizes, I don't bother to clamp the tracks, but when doing final sizing, especially when working with expensive materials, I like to clamp the tracks. The Dewalt clamps are great and work well when doing full length rips or full width cross cuts, but the assembly table gets in the way when doing smaller pieces. So I made a couple of track clamps that are shorter than the 2" height of the foam so they can be used on any size pieces.


    A standard 1/4" T-bolt fits in the dewalt tracks so that's what I used for the clamps. They are two sided, with one side having a spacer for 1/2" goods and the other side for 3/4" goods. The working faces are lined with sticky sandpaper for extra grip. Some day I may make a set for 1/4 and 1.5" materials since sometimes I gang cut cabinet sides. Here's a pic of the clamp in use:


    Finally, a pic of the rack I made to hold the tracks and some long cutting guides up where they are easily reached but also not in the way. Photo just shows two of the racks, but I have a total of 4 or 5 spaced every other joist.


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    Those are all good ideas Paul. I'm doing a forehead slap (DOH!) over your home made clamps. I didn't have a good idea for how to make them and bought the (IMO overpriced) Dewalt clamps.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    I also love the simple clamps for short work. Great idea, which I promise I will copy soon.

    I have cut pieces as small as 4 X 6" with my track saw.
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    Your clamps are genius. I have similar issues & am always looking to find appropriate thickness spacers.

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