I currently have a Jet Xacta saw and it's been working fine for me, but I find myself wishing I had a sliding fence for larger panels, as well as having a scoring blade for cleaner cuts on the underside.

Assuming I could resell the saw for a (relatively) fair value as used machine, an upgrade to a sliding saw would be affordable without too much strain.

The question I find myself wondering, is would I miss having the cabinet saw? (I don't have room for both, not to mention there isn't budget for both)

This wouldn't have occurred to me except for a comment I recently heard in a Mike Farrington youtube video, that he breaks down sheet goods on his sliding saw, but still cuts them to final size on his cabinet saw.

For those of you with limited space, and assuming cost wasn't really an issue, would you prefer a cabinet saw or a sliding table saw? Are there things you find easier/better on a cabinet saw?

Thanks for any insight.