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Thread: Grizzly g0833p motor issue

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    Grizzly g0833p motor issue

    Hey guys, I have question for you all.

    I finally picked up a cabinet saw (Grizzly G0833p) from OfferUp and it's been running great for a couple months now.

    But, for the past couple weeks I've noticed some issues while cutting (blade bogging down while cutting 3/4" particle board for example) and today it just stopped mid cut and won't power back on.

    When I opened up the cabinet the motor was extremely hot to the touch.

    I've double checked the wiring from plug to switch to motor. I've opened the 2 capacitor houses and neither seems to be damaged or leaking.

    Is it possible the motor has burned out?
    The only other thing I can think of is the little 20amp breaker installed in the saws power switch but I'm not sure how to tell if it's bad or not.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did you call Grizzly? They would be the first place to try. My guess is that the motor is indeed ruined if cutting just 3/4" particle board heated it up that much. What voltage are you running it on? If it's 120V & the motor is wired for 240V, then that would explain the lack of power & it getting so hot. If the motor has cooled & it still won't run then it's probably toast. Or it may have a manual reset button on the motor.

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    I have the same saw and have cut 3/4 Birch plywood and MDF without a hitch. I use the Freud LU79R010 thin kerf Ultimate Plywood & Melamine blade for cutting these materials. It leaves a nice finish on both sides. It's probably toast but still call Grizzly and talk to the tech guys. Like Jim said check what voltage it may have been rewired to 220v. It comes wired for 110v from the factory but he owner may have switched it to 220v which is what I did but I have 220v outlets in my shop. Make sure the plug is correct for the voltage and outlet.

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    I would guess the start switch has failed and has energized the start winding all the time. This will over heat the motor and soon burn out the starting winding.

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    I won't get a chance to call tech and fiddle with it til tomorrow.

    Start winding?

    I did see a video from Grizzly about checking the centrifugal switch. Amy chance that could be the issue?

    If the motor does need replaced how hard of a job is it to do yourself?

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    I wouldn't jump to replacing the motor. It's hard to kill an induction motor. You'd literally need to get it hot enough to melt the windings or the enamel on them. Not incredibly likely.

    1) Check that it's wired for the proper voltage
    2) Check the centrifugal switch
    3) Replace the capacitors (lack of visible damage is not a reliable indicator that they're fine, and they're very cheap to replace)
    4) Check any overload protections

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