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Thread: Hardware for drop-down tray under kitchen cabinet?

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    Hardware for drop-down tray under kitchen cabinet?

    I need to add an angled drop-down tray to one of our kitchen cabinets. I've seen these things many times, but now that I need to find hardware, I can't find a source. The general idea is shown in the attached photo. They are also sometimes used for spice jars.

    Depending on price, I might buy purpose-built hardware, though I was also thinking of fabricating something. My thought was to make a perimeter frame to which the hardware would attach, then just screw the frame to the underside of the cabinet to install, rather than trying to mount hardware on the underside of an already-hung cabinet. Butt hinges and ball catches in the front would handle the hinging and keeping it up when closed, but I'd need something to keep the tray from dropping down too far. There are lid stays for chests/boxes that perform this function, but most of those protrude too far to work for a shallow tray.

    Suggestions or links to purpose-built hardware would be appreciated.



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    Dave - Take a look at Kessebohmer on A little pricey, but pretty cool.

    My other thoughts are something made by Rev-A-Shelf or something from Hafele.

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    Here's a complete rack -- Further down the page, they'll sell you just the hardware.

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    Thanks both of you for the pointers!

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    Shop around on the KV hardware. Prices vary quite a bit.
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