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    I spray finish in my garage with a temporary curtain. I have several overhead 4' LED fixtures but also used a halogen two light tripod to really see the surface well. My halogen light failed so looking for a replacement I found Menards has a LED two light tripod at 20,000 lumens! It's on sale right now for around $120.

    Will this be too bright? Any other alternatives?



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    I think that might be too bright and glare-y for close work, but great for lighting a big space.

    Amazon has these lights that I've thought about using to retrofit my halogen work light:

    Someone else here posted about a retrofit LED panel that uses the halogen housing, but I see that is no longer available on Amazon.

    I wish someone would make a dimmable retrofit kit...there must be a zillion of those two head halogen lights out there.

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    I have all sorts of worklights, including several varieties of LED's, which have now replaced all the halogen ones we used to use. This LED worklight, that I bought from Lowes a few years ago, is the easiest one to change the height on, and move around as needed. I don't know if they even still have this model, but if so, I recommend it.
    Being able to raise, and lower one easily, is a welcome thing when you need a raking light. This one has cams that work, and work easily, for locking the raising/lowering. The ones with twist locks too soon become either useless, or too difficult.

    All my old halogens have been upgraded to SnapOn LED worklight heads. They were $25 at Costco, when they first came out, but now go for 50-60 bucks each. I do really like them, but they're on the old twist lock stands, so don't get the heights changed often.
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    A set of LED photo lights on stands might be an economical and portable solution for this application...

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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