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Thread: Every project has that one special tool...

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    Every project has that one special tool...

    And our latest house rehab had this little gem:

    Yep - a silly little 8 foot tape measure.
    It was an impulse buy. My wife hates it when I buy something like that - so - since we had just had a disagreement about something I figured - why not?
    I'm so glad I did give in and put it in the cart!

    I have a dozen or so Harbor Freight 25 foot freebies - - but - I never, ever,ever have one when I need one.

    This little rascal slips in my front pocket & is small enough to carry all the time. I was pure heaven having a tape measure at my back and call for the project house.

    After doing 6 of these, I find there's always one tol that I pick up that just surprises me with it's usefullness.
    My granddad always said, :As one door closes, another opens".
    Wonderful man, terrible cabinet maker...

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    Rich ,HF has a 10 foot yellow tape that costs a dollar and has markings that exactly match a two foot Starrette blade- rule.
    Its flat and flexible.

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    I'm normally "that special tool" on any project I'm involved in

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    Man you're a cheap date...

    seems my "necessary" project specific tools start out in the 100's.....

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    For me the principle challenge is maintaining my self respect as I explain to my wife why I absolutely need this new ó and coincidentally very cool ó tool to do the home renovation she would like to see. I still donít know why she shakes her head and smiles during those conversations.
    Life is too short for dull sandpaper.

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