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Thread: Auto trigger air filter

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    Auto trigger air filter

    I’m thinking of using a Jet air filter in a small computer server room and I’d like to control it when the air quality needs it. This is in a basement of an old building. I just created a new sealed room. Any ideas? The room has a mini split. Size is roughly 10x25. Not a ton of human traffic but some.

    None of this may be needed but im just thinking out loud.

    Also im not really interested is spending a ton of money on a specialized piece of equipment— these servers aren’t keeping anyone alive.
    Bob C

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    I think you'd need a connection to a air quality meter, and some specialized hardware and software to interface between the meter and the filter. What's wrong with just putting it on a timer? You could put a air quality meter on a web cam, and see what the timer needs to be set at to get the desired air quality.

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    Why not just build a filter box cover sort of thing for head of mini split?

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    If you got the Dylos Pro with serial output and were handy with something like an Arduino, having that take level information from the Dylos and triggering either the remote for the air filter or the air filter directly via a solid state relay (SSR) that would be entirely doable. Gotta be a smart cookie though
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    Would a smoke detector signal soon enough if the air got dusty? they make fancy smoke alarms going to a central control unit so it could turn on a relay instead of ringing a bell or calling 911.
    Bil lD

    On Edit: Air quality? do these servers make smoke or dust or do you just mean too hot?

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    Why do you think you even need this filter? The filter in the mini split should be all the filtration that you need in a sealed room with no people traffic.


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