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Thread: Clamp cart incorporating idea from recent Creek thread

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    Clamp cart incorporating idea from recent Creek thread

    A month or three ago there was a thread here about storing bar clamps with the jaws *down*. I suggested in that thread that magnetic tool bars might be useful for holding the clamps in place. I tested that idea on a slapped together clamp cart project and found it to work quite well. As you can see, I cut out the lower portion of one of the sides so the clamp heads could tuck inside. This both allowed me to make the rather large cart a little narrower, but also made it trivial to mount the magnetic tool bars. The bars are strong enough to hold the clamps in place with no other guides or such, yet the clamps can be easily removed when needed. As an FYI, the two large bins hold misc. clamps that aren't used often enough to justify being out in the open. The two trays hold glue and gluing related items since clamps and glue pretty much go together.





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    Thanks Paul. I sure like that better than what I'm doing with my long ones. I have a cart like that, but much taller (7 ft?). I store cut-offs in the plastic boxes and it has really reduced clutter. I can easily modify it to use your idea. So thanks again.
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    That's a nice solution that allows the actual weight to rest on the base while the magnetic strips keep things "organized". Great job!

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    Thanks for posting that. Good solution that keeps the weight low to the ground. This is a great tip for those building fixtures for the shop. Keep this in mind to integrate some clamps storage while you're designing that 'widget cabinet'. ;-)
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