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Thread: YetiTool Smartbench - 4' x 8' transportable CNC

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    YetiTool Smartbench - 4' x 8' transportable CNC

    I have not yet seen a post on the YetiTool Smartbench - 4' x 8' CNC that can be transported to a job site or easily assembled and disassembled in a garage workshop. I have questions about the rigidity of the platform and accuracy of cuts that may have been necessary tradeoffs to achieve the portable form factor. Its a very innovative solution and if accurate and robust might be a great solution in certain environments.

    If anyone has experience with the Yeti Smartbench - I'd love to get their feedback.

    Here is a youtube link:

    YetiTool is a U.K. company.

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    The only thing I would contact the company about how well does it support the long edges if your design takes up that much space.

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    Put it on an uneven floor - then what happens? Can't see it myself...

    What the $$ value?
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    Interesting and its already been asked.... most construction jobs do not have a level or dry area this could be used at, for home shop use perhaps.
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    Accurate results require positive holding of the workpiece in a flat plane, which seems to be missing here. An interesting concept but needs work.

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