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Thread: Woodworking at Art Fairs

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    Woodworking at Art Fairs

    My bride and I just attended the Krasl Art Fair in St. Joseph MI. Itís an annual event on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. I was encouraged to see a number of woodworkers participating. Usually thereís a bowl guy and a bandsaw box guy and someone making wine bottle stoppers and pens, but this year there were about a dozen that ranged from wood sculptures to furnishings, including a Windsor chair maker. Lots of utilitarian pieces. Live edge work was well represented. It did my heart good to see.

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    There was a fellow back in MA who was from the Leicester area I think who worked the Holiday Craft Fairs. He had made 3 different height four legged stools. Some stools were finished but he would cane at his booth and the man could simply fly at it. It was an interesting booth that drew a lot of attention and he sold a lot of stools. We have had three for about 20 yrs now. I believe that had he simply offered finished stools for sale he would not have done as well. People were drawn to his method and craft and hence the products.

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