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Thread: 2001 Glen-L Wee Hunk ready for Sacramento river salmon season

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    2001 Glen-L Wee Hunk ready for Sacramento river salmon season

    I built this dory in 2001 stitch and glue from Glen-L plans. I just flashed the Lowrance Hook 5 chart plotter firmware with the GPS rollover patch sort of like Y2K date problem with computers but it affects GPS. I booted after the patch and it seems good. I have been writing my sonar logs to the SD card and learning a lot more about the Sacramento and Mokelumne rivers looking at the logs after I get back home with ReefMaster Sonarviewer from Australia.

    I like brown sugar, kosher salt and a pinch of cayenne then apple wood smoke on my river salmon, you just can't buy it at the store the way I smoke it. My crew is ready it has been hot here and they do like going fishing, barking at the California Sea Lions trying to steal our fish, swimming and just hanging over the sheers sniffing the air. Life is good.

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    Adolescent great white sharks coming up from Southern California and into San Francisco Bay today. I will be river fishing for salmon opening day Tuesday about 20 miles upstream from where this incident occurred. I have confidence in my build and my boat Pegasus she has been in some pretty rough situations in the Delta and Bodega Bay crabbing. I river fish salmon with 15# line so no way would we be pulling this up to the boat and I sure would cut the line if I thought I hooked a Volkswagen Beatles. These guys down in the Bay fish for halibut and use heavier gear and often live bait which attracts the big fish, I just use spinners with garlic spray for salmon. Tight Lines. Leland

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