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Thread: Painting a Front Entrance Metal Door

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    Painting a Front Entrance Metal Door

    Anyone have any tricks, suggestions etc on painting a metal exterior door? I've done some googling and get it all:

    • Latext paint
    • Oil base
    • Paint with primer all in one
    • Laying flat
    • Hanging in place

    What say everyone for best results...

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    remove the lockset is faster then masking. I recommend oil base for longevity. Lay it flat on some boxes or sawhorses since it is new.
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    We used auto paint on all our doors sprayed while on horses.

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    I just painted a new metal door. I used a rustoleum paint specifically designed for metal doors. I bought it at Menards where I bought the doorSurprised me that it was lacquer based. I brushed it on, probably not the ideal way to apply it. Probably would have been better to spray it on. The results were acceptable though with the brush.

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    I've done them 3 ways and they all look good to me: brush, rattle can, HVLP.

    I used oil base enamel with a good brush and good technique its very acceptable IMO.

    Be sure to wipe down with DNA or acetone first.

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    We have some, on another building than our house, that I painted with some high end marine paint 25 years ago, or so, that still looks good. If you are going to use an exterior latex, I'd recommend Sherwin-Williams Emerald. I've had excellent results with that paint since they first came out with it.

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    Take the door off the hinges - remove the lock set(s) - very, very, very lightly scuff sand it -by hand using a sanding block or very fine sanding sponge - the idea is to just knock off any sheen - wipe it down with mineral spirits or odorless mineral spirits (acetone will also work but - it's pretty expensive and it's uses are so limited & it evaporates so fast it's sort of a waste to spend so much on something that will probably evaporate before you ever use it again.(more below)) - lay the door flat in the shade - DO NOT PAINT IT IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT (you'll get brush marks galore & it will skin over and trap solvents under the film that will wrinkle later on as the paint cures).

    Use Oil based Rustoleum and a very good natural bristle brush if you are going to brush it. Also- if brushing add some Penetrol to help it flow out and prevent brush marks.

    If spraying, reduce with VMP (Varnish Makers and Painters) Naphtha. (can also be used to wipe door down first.)
    An airless cup gun sprayer can also be used - Harbor Freight actually sells a dirt cheap decent gun for a one time job like this for about $20. I used one once and was impressed with it.
    Reduce the paint with either Penetrol or Naphtha.
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