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Thread: Does anyone have the PSI 1 HP collector - what is the CFM reading

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    Does anyone have the PSI 1 HP collector - what is the CFM reading

    I have the Penn State Industries 1 HP with the cloth bags. I have not used it in over 6 years and I need to figure out if I upgrade to a cartridge filter and chip separator whether it will still deliver enough CFM to take care o a jointer/planer and a table saw (one running at a time). I know the HF collector is a cheap upgrade but I priced it out and it is double the cost for that upgrade so if I can get by with the PSI machine, I will.

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    I have a 1HP Penn State collector with 1 micro cloth bags. I am not sure of the CFM rating but would guess about 650. It works great on one machine at a time using one hose and blocking the secondary port. My RBI planer dust setup is not all that great so it only gets most of the dust and few of the chips. The CNC, and other woodworking machines have no issues.


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    The last time I measured a 1 HP collector, the airflow was just under 400 CFM with 5 feet of ducting.

    Thatís too low for any jointer/planer Iíve seen.....Rod

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    Thanks - I think I need to look into a new one.

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