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Thread: Arm Lift Projects for DeWalt and Excalibur Scroll Saws

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    Arm Lift Projects for DeWalt and Excalibur Scroll Saws

    Getting up in years and finding the constant raising of the arms on my scroll saws a bit of a pain. So I decided to work on a foot control for my saws. I thought maybe other scroll saw users might find this project helpful. I know I have after using it the last couple of weeks. I first built my Excalibur lift a couple of weeks ago and posted a video on YouTube of the finished project and how it works. This will probably work for the Seyco and Pegas saws as well. Also included a plan for building. If you think you might like to try this you can check out the video on my YouTube Channel. It worked so well I decided to try making one for my DeWalt as well. It's been refined and a lot simpler and probably could also be used for the Excalibur with some modification. You can check out the DeWalt version also on my YouTube Channel. You can also get the plans for these projects on my Free Plan Page for scrollers at my website, along with lots of other plans. Hope you find this helpful and enjoy your cutting.
    Al B.
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