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Thread: Fiber Rotary continually marking same spot?

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    Fiber Rotary continually marking same spot?

    Hi guys,

    Appreciate you all! This forum comes up regularly in my googling.

    Anyway, I'm doing a rotary project. First project on my new laser and it has tested me to the limits. Here's the deal. I'm rocking and rolling no problem on my standard cups (which have multiple diameters 88 and 74 mm)

    Problem showed up when I switched to larger cup.

    When I did the same images on a cup where the part diameter changed to 92 mm I ran into problems. The first one did kind of ok but started to mess up toward the end of the images (didn't even finish one of them) and then on the second cup it start to continually mark the same section. It would rotate for about 10mm of marking area AND THEN REVERSE backward by 10mm and mark the next 10mm of the photo over the area it just marked.

    Could be the fact that I'm using a crappy laptop but hoping someone has seen this before.

    Settings work fine on the 88 and 74mm diameters. Same settings, same size photos. Only software changes were flipping the images by 180 degrees because I mount the larger cup differently and changing part diameter to 92.

    I can post some photos of settings if needed but i refrained for now because, as I said, it's completely functional on the smaller diameter but is making mistakes on the larger diameter.

    Split size 0.04 (hatch is the same) for what that's worth

    Any ideas?

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    Apologies if I posted in the wrong forum. Had some trouble navigating earlier.

    Anyway, problem is resolved as of today. Don't k ow if it's my crappy laptop or EZCAD being buggy but I was able to do the larger diameter cups with no issues. Only difference is yesterday I had restarted EZCAD fresh and the cups didn't work but today I already had all of the modifications made and saved in the project file I was using so I went straight from marking small cups to large and no issues.

    Bugs... crappy computer... shoddy hardware... chinese programming >.< Thank god it's cheap!

    All that said... I still absolutely love my fiber laser, the company that sold it to me, and the price I got it at!

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    Glad it's going okay-- I'm having more USB issues lately, turning on any florescent light in this place will nearly always disconnect my IS400 from the computer, and I'm using powered cables. And last night turning off the garage lights disconnected my big Triumph laser from its computer. The "duhDUNK" microsoft 'disconnected' sound lets me know.

    If your machine acts up again, try a different cable. Or computer...
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