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Thread: Anybody bought Rx glasses online?

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    Anybody bought Rx glasses online?

    Has anyone ordered prescription glasses through a website?

    Please share your experiences and recommendations.


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    I have used many times for lenses, they have good prices and great service. I have not bought frames online though.

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    Zenni optical. Very pleased, especially with cost, leadtime, and quality is good. Not always the most stylish option though.

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    I got some computer glasses from Zenni. While ordering, they flagged my left eye prescription, I let it be, but I'd done the math wrong. They're bifocals, and the right side is perfect, both near and far grinds, but the left side is a mess, but that was my fault! I just went with cheap black frames, 2 pairs were like $54, got 'em pretty quick too. No complaints. One of these days I need to order 'em right
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    Another vote for Zenni, and Hoya lab is in my town. make sure your optomotrist writes the interpuplilary distance on the script
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    I used Optics Planet I ordered a pair of RayBan sunglasses with prescription lenses. I was very pleased with price, service, and quality. Years later I got replacement lenses from a local optician and they cost what I had paid for the whole pair at optics planet.

    Side note- it’s also a great place to buy telescopes, binoculars, and other optics.

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    Been using Warby Parker for years and have always been happy. They also have retail stores. They just opened one here in Salt Lake City.

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    I'm sure they are all fine for single vision lenses and if gasses tend to fit your head out of the box. For bifocals it can be worth having a good optician fit you and set the location of the bifocal line to your head (or your preference if you like it higher or lower than "normal"). I've had very good luck at Costco getting good quality lenses and well-fitted glasses for pretty cheap.

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    We have been using Glasses USA with great success.
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    I have also bought a lot of rx safety glasses (you know, for woodworking) from and

    I've been happy with both.

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