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Thread: NBSS Tool Chest Build

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    Way to spoil yourself with a first class project. Beautiful work.

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    Thanks Robert, I really do like shellac over oil and actually find it one of the easiest combinations to make look good.

    Michael, I appreciate it. Aside from making things for the shop, this is the first piece I've made for myself and can say it does feel decadent.
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    Chris I'm really enjoying your build. And NBSS tool chest build is definitely a milestone project in my book – something you'll enjoy in the shop every day. The wallet looks beautiful and your execution looks top-notch – congratulations. Sliding dovetails for internal dividers I think are very difficult to execute well. Clearly zero room for error on the face/show side. Personally, I'm not bashful in the least about pairing down the male portion of the sliding dovetail for all but the last inch or so (on the show side) to ease glue up. Why is that my approach!? Because I've had more than one internal divider only half assembled before it was completely frozen stuck solid. No amount of clamping, pounding could slide it all the way home. I ended up almost destroying the carcass trying to get it unassembled. Not an experience I want to repeat again – ergo my current approach including liberal trimming of the male dovetail.

    Can't wait to see the rest of the project. Thanks again for posting.

    Cheers, Mike

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