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Thread: NBSS Tool Chest Build

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    It's looking great! I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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    Look at it this way, most people, including me, have not even started yet.

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    Thanks gentlemen. Thomas, hope you've started yours

    Have completed dovetailing the drawers and have them fit to the carcass. Here's my set up using some scrap cut to length for the narrow drawers supplemented for the longer drawers:

    IMG_9830 (1).jpgIMG_9831 (1).jpg

    IMG_9832 (1).jpg

    Right now they are too tight and need to go back and finish dialing them in. Can be a bit loose since we're in our dry season--any thoughts on how snug to keep them?
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    I normally make the sides and back a little lower then tune the fronts for a good fit.

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