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Thread: mobile base for powermatic 160 planer

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    mobile base for powermatic 160 planer

    any suggestions?

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    How much does it weight? Iíve been happy with the Bear Crawl bases from Grizzly which max out at 1200lbs I think.

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    I think it weighs 1200 pounds. Itís heavy. Need mobile base I need to move it around my shop Jayne take it to my sons shop.

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    Have you considered raising it 3-4" off the ground on skids and buying a pallet jack? Once you hit a certain point with machines, i think its best to think about a pallet jack as your mobile base. Working height of a planer isnt as critical for ergonomics, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Koch View Post
    any suggestions?
    Don't know anybody with a metal cutting bandsaw & welder that can be bribed with barley pop, do you? That's gonna require a substantial base. I'd probably adjust the published weight rating of mobile bases and subtract 10% - 15% to get a realistic weight rating. I was able to acquire a metal cutting band saw & welder for pretty reasonable. I don't use 'em often but when I need 'em they're sure nice to have.

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    I nearly bought this planer, but opted for a Hammer A3-31.

    I've been using the Bora Porta Mate 3500. I have one ready to go under my Hammer F3 Shaper, soon to be delivered later this month.

    I bought the one with castors than turn on all four corners.

    This base is rated for 1500lbs, from what I can find out, your planer weighs around 1200lbs, so you are well within the weigh limit.
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    I wouldn't put it on a 1200 lb. capacity mobile base. I have one, and have never looked at the specs on it, but it wouldn't surprise me a bit if it weighed more than 1200 lb., especially if it has the knife grinder attachment. We might be talking different machines though. I've had mine so long that I forget the model number, but it's a green with white racing stripe 16".

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    I have a pm 180- same planner just 2-inches wider - I use a pallet jack to move it - leave it on 4x4 and the jack goes under no problem. To move it (just moved my entire shop, which the PM was not the heaviest item), with a pallet jack and a trailer
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    Might try the pallet jack. Thanks

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    If you have the space and security, then a pallet truck is an easy way.
    For me, even if I had the space, I wouldn't even think about it, as it would make a nice aid for a disappearing act.
    If it were me, I would get a welder, bought one recently for only 50 euros, and make a design like Carl Holmgrens design from angle iron,
    or Bob Minchin's (9fingers) design either, provided you can get heavy duty wheels for it.
    Too awkward to move from the shop, but can be easily moved inside.
    Sorry, can't post pics here, and wary of linking to another UK forum.
    Good luck with the machine Bruce

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