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Thread: Fine Woodworking magazine - are they worth anything

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    Sounds like David should become a contributor since without SMC he wouldn’t have gotten a free set of FWW mags. Not to mention all the other benefits this site offers.

    Very nice of the OP to give the mags away.

    I sold about 200 ww’ing mags mainly FWW for about $50 a few years ago.

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    I became a contributor not too long ago. I did not realize the difference, but when I found out, I became a contributor.

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    I will get ahold of you soon and pay the $6 membership. I've been in Troy Beaumont Hospital as my back went out and I ended up have lumbar laminectomy surgery. Sorry Dennis, but that's why I haven't responded.
    Life is a gift, not a guarantee.

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    And I'll show you my scar and hospital papers to put any doubting minds at rest. Again, very sorry Dennis and I'm in Sterling Heights by the way.
    Life is a gift, not a guarantee.

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    i still have them and will save them for you until you get better. best

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    Hi Dennis, thanks a ton! 4 weeks ago today...doing decent. I'll be in touch soon, I've got your Troy location. You'll definitely have to stop by shop. Talk to you soon.

    Life is a gift, not a guarantee.

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    I held on to mine for a long time. I gave some away to WW friends and recycled the rest.
    Please help support the Creek.

    Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
    - Steven Wright

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