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Thread: epoxy wood repair/replacer

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    epoxy wood repair/replacer

    I have some pella casement windows in my house. they are clad casement and the seal between the cladding and the wood failed on the bottom of the sash and as a result wood part of the sash is rotten. Checked with pella and a replacement sash was $500 which is probably more than the double casement unit cost in the first place. Years ago I had a similar problem and got some 2 part epoxy to repair that one. It was quite thin after you mixed it up and it soaked right into the rotten areas of wood and after it set it was very hard. It held up for a number of years. I have no memory of the brand or where I got it. I googled and came up with a lot of different products but it seems kind of hard to determine exactly which one would be best for my situation. Anyone have any advice on what would be a good product to use? thanks Jared

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    You might be thinking of Git Rot?
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    I used a similar product called PC ROT. It was both available as a putty for filling large gaps and a liquid for soaking into rotted wood. Both were 2 part epoxies. Was available at Dixieline Hardware/Patio stores but getting hard to find now.

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    They sell special stuff to repair boats that have rotten wood....

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    I ordered some git rot from amazon. Put almost a pint of it in a 20 inch long sash rail. It did the trick just fine. The 37 bucks I spent on it was a bargain compared to Pella companies price of 500 for a new sash and it looks like it should last a long time. Thanks jared

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