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Thread: Drum Sander feed issue

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    Drum Sander feed issue

    I've had a my own cabinet shop and a performax 22-44 for about 6 months. Previously I worked in high end cabinet shops with 36"+, 2-3 head wbs. The transition has been...eye opening. After spending the time to calibrate the head to be parallel my results have been acceptable save for one issue. My work pieces are constantly stalling mid pass leaving almost unnoticeable (until finish) chanels. I always have "hands on" because I can't trust the feed, this makes everything slower and I can't trust the results. I've adjusted feed rollers, belt tracking, depth of cut, speed of feed and have never gotten a single piece to make a pass without at least one pause. The work piece stops not the feed belt. Do I need a new feed belt? It still feels to the touch that it has plenty of abrasive. Is this a common issue? I can't find any information on troubleshooting the problem. Please help! I'm loosing valuable days in a 1 man shop.

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    Lighter cuts. I change the depth about 1/6 of a turn at most on my 19-38. at 1/2 turn it will stall every time, at 1/3 just often enough to be irritating.

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    What grit are you using? You may need to stop at 80 grit and switch to a ROS,

    I had one of those machines for 5 years or so and moved to a Supermax dual drum which is much faster, but anything over about 15" wide still seems to leave the drum marks you describe - especially in really hard wood.

    Consider farming out this task to a shop with a WBS.

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    I Set my initial depth by putting a piece under the drum and raising the table until I can barely feel resistance and hear the paper while turning the drum. I start with 80 then I finish with 2 light 120 passes per side to alleviate the amount of ROS. I also take multiple passes at the same depth if the first pass felt heavy. The problem is very counter intuitive. The wider my work piece the less it slips and the lighter the pass the more it slips. This is why I think it might be the feed belt paper, more pressure on a wider surface would give better traction. I followed owners manual instructions on setting the pressure bars as that was my initial assumed colpraite.

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    I agree it would seem to be a feed belt issue with a pass that light.

    Have you tried talking to mfr tech support?

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    No, I bought it second hand so I have no tech support contact info. I had to download a pdf owners manual.

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    Can the pressure on the pressure bars be increased? I had one of these years ago, and don't remember any problem like this. I do remember replacing the abrasive conveyer belt every few years....

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    Given how you've described the problem, Jared, and my experience with a General drum sander, I would say that you need a new feed belt. You may be able to clean the one you have, too.
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    It's most likely the feed rollers not applying enough force or the conveyor being worn too smooth. Feed a 12" or wider board into the sander for a "typical" pass, then turn off the conveyor/sander before it gets to the drum. Now try pulling it back out. If it comes out w/o a struggle you need to increase the force from the feed rollers. Do the same test with the rear rollers.

    If no amount of increased pressure on the feed rollers solves the problem then the belt is worn out, or the springs on the feed rollers are shot (doubtful).


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    I increased the pressure until it was so tight I could barely get the piece under the roller, it pulled back easily on both sides. With a feel test the feed belt is probably comparable to 180 or 220. To smooth I'm assuming. Any suggestions on where to purchase a replacement belt? I'm more interested in quality and longevity then cost.

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    The best tracking drive belts I've bought were also the cheapest:

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    I would say your conveyor belt is worn out. I bought my SuperMax 19/38 new and I would say the belt feels like 60 or 80 grit, at a guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jared Burkey View Post
    No, I bought it second hand so I have no tech support contact info. I had to download a pdf owners manual.
    Jet Tools bought Performax several years ago. Try contacting them using the below link:

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    Thanks guys! I've got one on order

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    Far as I know Jet will still talk to you.

    I bought an older model lathe that needed new reeves pulleys, and they sent a new shaft gratis because the pulleys had been retooled and wouldn't fit the old shaft.

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