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Thread: Working out of two spaces

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    Working out of two spaces

    First post, for a long time lurker.

    I'm gradually building my workshop and doing projects with what I have as I go. I've gotten to the point where I have some decisions to make regarding space. I don't have any location amenable to a full shop, but I have a small garage space and a small basement space. Not ideal, I know, but I've thought about milling--tablesaw, jointer, planer in the garage (TS and planer already there) and the rest--bench, bench top drill press, router table, hand tools in the basement. Does anyone here work out of two locations like this? I've seen a lot of posts re: garage vs basement and I know this is kind of a big "work triangle" My basement only has access to the outside through windows or an interior stairway that turns 90 degrees. Any thoughts other than convincing my wife I need a large outbuilding? Thanks.

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    I think you've got it, Kris. I don't really see any other choice. If you're forced into working in two locations, it doesn't really matter which is which. You're always going to be going back and forth between the two.

    I'd put the the tools which work long boards (jointer, planer, cut-off saw, table saw) where your wood is going to be stored so you won't have to be moving long boards around the crooked stairway. ..And the work bench and other stuff in the other space.

    It seems logical to keep the big tools in the garage as, you will be moving them again at some point in the future and, rather than carting them down to the basement then back out again sometime is just extra work.

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    For years my table saw, planer and jointer were all in the sawmill building, which is about 200 feet from the workshop where all of the other tools are. In the winter it was more like 300 feet since I had to go around by the plowed driveways instead of walking across the yard. It wasn't ideal, but it wasn't too bad either. Now those tools are in one end of the loft of an attached barn type building that I built in 2015, except the table saw which is downstairs in that building. Not having to carry things through the rain and snow is a great convenience, and the distance is a bit less overall. I think you'll be fine with the setup you describe, it will just involve a bit more carrying.

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    Thanks. The carting of boards is a bit of a pain but I think it's what I will deal with for now. Better than the alternative. Next it's going to be figuring out whether I go with smaller bandsaw in basement or larger on mobile base in garage. It'll depend on how much I anticipate resawing I guess.

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    I would recommend you try to make the garage work and use the basement for wood and supply storage. Over time it will be a pain to keep going back and forth.

    Start searching the web for ideas and maximizing the space. With some good planning you should be able to use the garage.

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    How much garage space do you have? Have you searched the internet for micro woodworking shops? It's amazing what some people can do in a small space.

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    While the logistics of two spaces can be a pain sometimes, when it's the one way to get the cumulative space you need to enjoy the work, by all means go for it! In general, your idea to separate the larger dust and chip makers to the garage space and the fine work to the basement is sound, IMHO. It about the most natural split you can make in this case.

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