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Thread: Beetle Kill Pine Box

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    Beetle Kill Pine Box

    First post on here but I recently finished this beetle kill pine box. I live in CO (where hardwood is scarce) so I have been trying to work more and more with the local flavor. Our local sawmill has a nice selection of beetle kill stuff at a very reasonable price so that's what I went with on this. Everything is made to move with only the dowels glued. The wood was pretty wet still when I planed it down so all of the dowel holes were slotted with the exception of the top hole (after the pictures) and everything can float. Only one crack opened up in the lid that got a bowtie later but otherwise its holding pillows/blankets nicely.
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    Hi Shad. Welcome to the Creek! Glad to have you join us!

    That box looks great - I love the grain and the way it looks finished. Got 2 questions for you:
    * What finish did you use?
    * What's "beetle kill" pine? Is that insect-damaged kiln dried wood, or something else?

    Hope to see more of your work, soon.
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    Welcome to SMC. I like your design and the finish.
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    I used general arm-r-seal about 3 coats brushed on. In CO we have a lot of "pine beetles" that are killing huge tracts of pine trees. The only up side is the fungus left behind that gives the wood the blue hues. My finished pictures don't show the blue as bright as it actually turned out but it makes for a unique look rather than straight ponderosa pine.

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    Nice job. I see you have a dynamic guard dog too, LOL.

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    Looks good. Glad to see I am not the only one that likes it. Here is my first project with it.


    it called denim or blue pine. I am surprised the big mills touch it down here that a rejected load. The beetle pee is what cause it to stand. a friend of mine sells it kiln dried planed to 15/16 for 2.75/ ft
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    Welcome. I have family in the Denver area and they've commented on the beetle kill. Nice use of the lumber though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Reischl View Post
    Nice job. I see you have a dynamic guard dog too, LOL.
    We had those growing up. Trip dogs, aka landmine dogs. The intruder stumbles over them in the dark.
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    Nice box and use of the beetle pine. Could use that as a firewood box at my cottage!

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    Good job and good looking box.

    I'll comment for people who don't have access to beetle kill wood - Ambrosia maple is similar. It's maple that was infected by the ambrosia beetle and it looks similar to the beetle pine shown in the OP.

    Sometimes it's called beetle maple, or insect maple, or wormy maple. Usually fairly cheap. It can make some very interesting furniture or boxes.

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