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Thread: Chinese elm cookie and live edge tables

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    Chinese elm cookie and live edge tables

    My name is Leland I just joined the forum this morning. I learned so much from you gals and guys since I cut and dried this Chinese elm when my neighbor had the tree fallen Sept 2016. I really like the varnish, boiled linseed oil, thinner finish I learned to mix from you gals and guys. Thank you so much attached are pictures. The slab table is in my house awaiting carob and camphor bowls when they dry and I can finish turning them. The cookie table I gave to my neighbor Mike's son Aaron who grew up in the house where the tree grew, shot baskets under it while his dog Harley laid under the tree in the shade. Aaron and his wife are expecting a baby in August and he says the cookie table will be in his family for generations. He has the cookie table in his living room it is the first thing people see when they walk in and he tells them the story.
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    Nice work and very pleasing story. Thanks for sharing both.
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    Welcome to SMC. Nice work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Utterback View Post
    Nice work and very pleasing story. Thanks for sharing both.
    +1. Welcome Leland! Glad you've joined us!
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    Thank you for welcoming me to Sawmill Creek. Here is a picture of the cookie table in Aaron's home and a picture of a Chinese elm cant I have not yet resawed. The cant reads 12% moisture now with a pin meter when it was green the same meter read over limit (OL). It is hard to find properties on Chinese elm because it is not harvested commercially. I like the spicy smell when milling Chinese elm much easier on my nose than that barnyard dressing smell of Siberian elm.
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    So right now the Chinese elm cant density is 49#/cu-ft which is higher than Rock elm and I believe it I have been turning some dry bowls and it is like carving stone with my carbide tools. A note on the cookie it is glued to a plywood base and has 2 protective tops plywood for setting hot dishes on and TAP plastic UV filtering acrylic setting drinks on playing cards or games that way the sacrificial tops can be replaced and one of Aarons heirs does not have to sand all that end grain like it did it was wicked but I loved every minute of it.
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