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Thread: Help, Will this work

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    Help, Will this work

    I am thinking of this attached tabletop design with the boards all face glued and probably 1 inch on edge and 3 inches wide (deep). It will be in a covered patio. Since there is limited movement along the length of boards, will this be problematic due to wood movement. I likely will not have the mitered border.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Weiss View Post
    ...will this be problematic due to wood movement...
    I would expect horrible problems with this design.
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    Read Andy's tag line. Not recommended for outdoors.
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    How big is this top ? Outdoor furniture is not considered fine, nor exceptionally long lasting furniture so, to find gaps from time to time would be expected. I would be tempted to try it with the understanding of the nature of outdoor furniture. If it's a large table, had you thought about the same layout with engineered gaps between the boards ?

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