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Thread: Sump Pump Pit and drain tile kicking out toilet paper ???

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    Sump Pump Pit and drain tile kicking out toilet paper ???

    Glad this is not my problem !!!

    Tried to figure this one out, but have not a clue as how this is happening. Neighbor has an old house with a septic system that is at least 50 years old. That age is on the conservative side ! He has old drain tile in the basement on 2 sides of the basement ; with a drain tile running from one of those sections to the Sump Pit. He is soon to get a new Septic system put in, but can't figure out how toilet paper is backflowing from the floor drain tile, into the sump pit.

    Any ideas as to how this could be happening ?

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    Could the old Septic System have somehow been tied into the Sump Pump Pit ? Can't see why anyone would install an interior basement floor drainage system, and for whatever reason, have it connected somehow to the drain line leading to the Septic Tank!

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    I wonder if there is a cross connection in a vent line? Does it freeze in your country? Could ice cause a blockage somewhere and back up the sewer line. If this is clay tile it could be broken and leaking one line into another. This can happen from roots or heavy equipment driving over it.
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    Is the sump pit original to the house, or something added later? In our old home, the drain tiles drained into the sanitary sewer (no longer allowed by building code) via the floor drain in the basement. During wet weather, you could hear the water from the drain tiles trickling into the floor drain below the basement floor.

    After we added a sump pump that drained into the backyard, the trickle into the floor drain disappeared. We never experienced it, but I imagine a backup in the sanitary sewer could have forced sewage material into the sump pit.

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    The sump pump drain must be tied into the septic drain and the back flow valve for the sump pump has gone bad and letting the septic back flow into the sump pit. The extra water in his septic may be causing it to fail and be a reason he is getting a new septic.

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